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photo of James Faith

Hello! I'm James Faith.


Experienced engineer turned UX/UI designer & frontend developer. My background has made me excellent at bridging the gap between user needs, design & development. Hobbies? I’ve got a lot of them! Wanna read more? Scroll down!

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Who am I?

To get the obilgatory philosophic stuff out of the way, do any of us really know who we are? I’ll keep meditating on it, and maybe one day I can let you know... In the meantime, I can tell you that I'm a huge technology, video game, music, and fitness nerd named James with lots of related hobbies and interests!

I have a minor obsession with:

rock and metal music tshirts hung on square canvases in a grid pattern on a wall
My collection of rock and metal tshirts

What sets me apart?

Having worked as an engineer for the past five years, I know the pressures of delivering a quality product to a client on time and within budget. I know the struggles of going back and reworking details that should have been figured out months ago. I know the need for clear and consistent communcation with teammates. I understand the importance of complex calculations, approval systems, and schedules. I’ve learned different types of coding & programming languages over the years, and have added frontend development to my repotoire... But I also know the importance of and highly value the design process.

Why is design important to me?

It’s not uncommon for Legos to have been the design inspiration for a young mind, but I can proudly say that these toys fueled my desire to design from a young age.

There was always something I loved about utilizing “design units” such as lego pieces to create a full composition. In high school, I took courses in fine art and tech design and loved them. I knew I enjoyed using tools and design systems to solve creative problems, and found I was good in math, so I ultimately pursued a career in mechanical engineering. (The same career path of my dad and his dad.)

College was a big challenge for me because while I enjoyed courses such as calculus, computer science, and creative design, things like strength of materials and fluid dynamics didn’t necessarily do it for me. During this time, I worked a number of summer jobs in customer service. While these positions were certainly not glamorous and really just helped put money in my pocket, I gained a unique perspective on the importance of respect for users of a product or service. Beyond the old adage of “the customer is always right,” I learned a lot about empathizing with the customer and using simple psychological principles to achieve positive interactions. I learned that most people respond well to attention to detail and a thoughtful and considerate presence. This is something that can be provided through attentive design work.


Design feels like a way of incorporating art into something that is actually usable and helpful to people.”

Of course, art alone can inspire life-changing emotional reactions, but design really provides for practical implementations that help solve real world problems. In my opinion, there will always be a need for design; and as technology advances, I don’t see this changing at all. Today’s smartphone screens will be tomorrow’s augmented reality displays. There will always be a need for design in order for humans to effectively communicate with other humans. I am passionate about using creative tools to make things easier for people, so design will always be at the forefront of my interests.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff!
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